Wednesday, June 6, 2007


yesterday i saw on a printed out weather forecast that it was supposed to be 31 degrees and all sunny, yesterdaz. it was cold and rainy for hte first half of the day, and not even warm for htenext half., o well. i told katie not to listen to me for the weather anymore, but i checked it for myself this morning, for today. it says, "rainy all day." o well. at least we can dress for it this time!

We saw a refreshing sight yesterday. katie and i were in line to see the lippazaners and there were, as usual, people trying to cut line. there were so many people there, that when you bought zour ticket, you were standing halfway down the line. people were just staying there, and making there way into the line. BUT, for hte first time we have seen, the ticket sellers were INSISTING that everyone go back to the end of hte line! it was hilarious! even older people were trying to, but the lady would not give in! It was great! Everyone who had been standing in line for an hour was very appreciative.

People, as a whole, are very polite and nice here. the cars are not dented, which means driving is a little safer

Untill Later!

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