Saturday, June 9, 2007

Do Re Mi...and so on!

Yesterday after posting, we walked to the old part of Salzburg (again) and visited the fortress above the town. It was pretty fun. It was an old castle. We toured the state rooms and living quarters, which were used primarily for entertaining guests of the prince (or emperer, or whatever the rulers are called here...Seriously, they have a different name in every city and time period!)

The time at the fortress was good. There were more good views. There are good views pretty much everwhere around here. Rose has taken so many pictures. She is a great photographer (as I´m sure you´ve noticed. I´m thinking about asking her to come along on my honeymoon to take pictures and scrap for me! Just kidding. :)

After that, we just did more roaming around Salzburg. This is such a laid back and pleasant town. We stopped at a fruit stand and bought an apple, peaches, and cherries. We saved them for desert, and went and ate some ice cream for dinner. Mmmm. It was really good. It is so hot here. I would not have guessed that Salzburg Austria would have been our hottest place.

After hte ice cream, we walked down to the river and sat on the banks and ate our fruit. It was really nice. There were a lot of bikers out. I think it is safe to say that there are as many bikers on the street as there are motorized vehicles. It is really refreshing, after the noise and pollution in Italy. Austria is a very clean place. The only dirty part is that there are cigarette butts absolutelz everyhere. Last night, there were big chunks of ashes in the keyboard I was using. It was kind of gross.

Then, we went back for the night, watched the sun set over the alps, and had a great sleep.

This morning, we woke up, packed, checked out of our lovely little B&B, and were picked up for our Sound of Music tour. The tour was cheesy, but fun. We visited all of the outdoor places included in the movie, including two pallaces, the gazebo, the convent, Mirabell park, and the church where Maria was married. The church was out of town in the lake district. It was a gorgeous drive out there. The views (of course) were gorgeous. The lakes are beautiful and clear. We want to come back and just relax at the lakes some time. Salzburg is definately a place to where I will return. I am pretty sure Rose will too. It and Venice are our favorites so far.

The people here are so nice!!! On at least 5 occassions, someone has walked up to us and given us much needed information. (such as, you are walking up the wrong stairs, here is how to use that locker, etc. etc. etc.) It is scary to realize that it is that painfully obvious that we are so confused sometimes, but it is so nice to have helpful people everywhere. It is kind of like the south here. People just start talking to you. We must look Austrian, because I don´t know how many times people have started a conversation with us in German. We smile and nod, but they realize pretty quickly that we are clueless. haha People were nice enough in Italy (with the exception of Rome), but here they are super nice.

Hmmmm. I can´t think of anything else for now! The views are calling my name! We are leaving for Munich tonight. As usual, I don´t know what our Internet situation will be, but we´ll post as soon as we can!

Have a great weekend! We are. :)

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Roberto said...

Have Rose come on the honeymoon so that she can take pictures ... ahh ... no! I can take pictures for you honey if you want :)