Monday, June 4, 2007

From Rose From Vienna

Katie told you a little about the feeling of Vennic, I think she was wishing someone else was in her company...o well. he he

There are two things Rome and Vennice have in common: tourists and steps. for every cannal you cross you must go up and down stairs to the bridge. there are so many tourists! But, to make up for those two facts, there are NO cars and NO motercycles! That means you are not about to get run over ever five seconds, and those annoying beeping and honking sounds are not there! that was the best thing about vennice.

I had gnochi again for dinner in Vennice, i could not resists. this time was even better than the first! it was a tomato pesto...amazing! that is goign to be the next dish i cook at home, when i get home...which wont be for a long while yet! although, a few pictures of my little sister jade is making me want to be there now! she needs to stop growing while we are away!

Katie had a cheese crepe..that looked and was amazing as well! i think i am going to cook italian from now on. however, we are in another country, with more new food to try, so we will see what we can find here in ´Vienna, Austria!

The keyboards in Austria are even more confusing than the ones in Italz...Mamma Mia!Our second day in Vennice as great. we took our time, experiencing the culture when we could get away from the tourists sections. we ate well, and for not too much money either. we passed a vendor who was selling fruit cups...fresh fruit for 1.5 E. I bet they made a fortune! Katie and I had two cups that day, each.

The Gondoles were coasting down the cannals from morning till night. Some of them were quite for royalty.

We were fully prepared to climb the belltower for St. Marc´s...but when we got in we found out it was an elevator! O did not take away from the view! It was gorgeous! THe weather was perfect, blue skies and white puffy clouds seamed just out of reach.

After some refreshing Gilato, we went into the Basilica of St. Marc´s. It was also breathtaking. The floor was very uneven, a result of the island slowing sinking. So much gold! I will try to post pictures, words cannot describe.

The day before Katie and I passed a Vivaldi museum. We had a few hours before our night train was leaing, so we decided to go in search of it. I bet Katie we would not be able to find it. it took us a while, but we did! i admit, i was surprised. up untill then we had jus followed signs to and from St. Marc´s Square and the Train Station.

We left the island of Vennice around 7:30 on a water bus..that was fun. i got on the wrong one at first and quickly realised the looks i was getting meant, "get off." We had a pleasant ride, seeing a side of the island we did not explore.

Our Train to Vienna was a sleeper train, which means we stayed in a cabin with six beds...only five were in use this time. two asian girls and one lady from vienna. it was more comfortable than i expected..i was being rather pesamistic about the whole thing, so i wouldnt be disapointed if we did not get to sleep a wink. but katie slept well, and i slept most of the night too. we left at 8:45 and arrived at 8:30 the next morning. We did not cross a time zone, so yes, our ride was 12 hours. It would have been a waste of a day! We will probably do the same thing to go to Paris.

So, here we are in Vienna, where they speak German...

well, i am going to work on posting some pictures now.

´Gooten Nacht...or something like that!

As far as I am concerned, we speak Italian, this German stuff is a foreign language! If you are reading this Helga, wont you consider comeing and being our personal translater!? We have NO clue what anything means!

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