Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Hills are Alive....and steep

We are in beautiful Salzburg and having a great time! It is really a very nice town. We have had a wonderful day. We took a train this mroning from Vienna to Salzburg. It was about 3 hours. We arrived at 10:30 and tried to find our hostel. WE had to take another train for a 5 minute ride. The only problem is that we had to wait 30 minutes for the train! Oh well. At the stop, we had to walk five minutes to the hostel...or so we were told. I guess it would have been five minutes without luggage, but it was up a very steep hill, so it took about 15. I´m glad we will only climb that hill without luggage from now on.

We have a great room with a balconz with a view of mountains! It really is a lovely place. It was a little funny though. When we arrived, the lady who owns the home was sunbathing in her yard. So, we checked in and were showed our room by a lady in a little bikini! It was kind of awkward. haha

After that, we took the train back to Salzburg to enjoy the day. We walked a lot! First, we saw a house where Mozart lived for several years. It was an intersting museum, with signs in English! Yeah!!! WE actually learned things. Then, we walked to the old part of Salzburg. It was gorgeous. It is a beautiful day, sunny and warm. Well, it was plain hot while we were walking, but it was nice.

In Salzburg, we went ot the house where MOzart was born. That was another museum, but it was a little weird. It was designed to be somewhat modern, and it was kind of random. In the room where he was born, the designer hung a bunch of seagulls from the ceiling and had ocean waves playing instead of signal the beginning of a new era of music. It was just weird. And it Mozart´s study, he painted all of the walls and ceiling black. MOyart maz have been eccentric, but I don´t think he was that strange.

AFter the Mozart house, we had quite a treat!!! It was amazing. But, we are out of Internet time, so we´ll have to tell you about the rest of our day tomorrow.

See you later!

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Jim and Lauren said...

I for one am so glad you got to see SOMEONE in a bikini today...because with the "CMA Music Festival" going on, we've seen LOTS of women in itsy bitsy bikinis! :)