Friday, June 1, 2007

Pure Speculation

Well, the theme for our time, in Italy at least, is "Pure Speculation."

One day, while walking through the Uffisi Museum we wondered who painted a certain masterpiece. It was next to one by Leonardo DaVinci, so Katie said, "I think this is another DaVinci, because it is next to another one of his, and everyone is taking pictures of it, but that is pure speculation." This is comment comes up a lot. We guess at the meaning of paintings, sculptures, words, people, becuase there are no explanations. "I think he meant this, because of this...but that is pure speculation." "I think it is more difficult to sculpt hair, than the contour of a body, because it is so hard to make it look realistic with the minimulization of lines...but that is pure speculation." We are opperating on a lot of deductive reasoning. But its fun, it adds a certain mystery to the adventure! ha ha.

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