Friday, June 1, 2007

Pisa Pizza

Well, yesterday we did not get a chance to blog, by the time we had a chance, we were too exhausted. But, the good news is: we found keyboards with normal arrangements! So, fewer typos for me! :) and more smiley faces!

Ok, yesterday we woke up and ate breakfast at the hotel. the normal Italian breakfast around here consists of any of the following: crisiounts, yogert, bread, nutella (chocolate hazelnut spread) coffee, OJ, fruit, and boiled eggs. not bad. we left and got on the train to Pisa. We were luky enough to get on the car with a class of middle it was nice and chaotic. I really liked walking through the streets of Pisa to get to the Tower, there was not very much tourist stuff untill we got to the Leaning Tower.

We found out you needed two tickets: 1 to climb the Leaning Tower, the other to enter any or all of the museums, the church, the baptistry and the cemetary. We got in line and told the lady behind the glass that we would like 2 tickets to clime the tower and 2 10 Euro tickets to see everything else. (it was the all included ticket) she interupted us before she heard the last part I guess, and said, "Ok, You go up at 11:20 and come here 10 mins before your time and leave your bags." We waited a second, no more than that, for her to give us the other two tickets, she right away started complaining to us that there were more things to see, and we needed to tell her what we wanted to see. She went off in fits of rage! Katie and I were speachless, the lady started pointing to the glass, Katie thought she was pointing to the wall that listed the other ticket opportunities. So when Katie looked at the wall too, the lady started being loud and sarcastic saying we were "sleeping" (i think she meant daydreaming) she repeated herself in a very loud voice, completely inapropriately. I was getting extremely irritated. She would not stop yelling and beign sarcastic, she just kept on going, finally I had enough of her making fun of us to her friend, and yelling at us to hurry and make up our minds. I said, in a rather raised voice, "WE WANT TWO, TEN EURO TICKETS!" She finally got it, and then started yelling at us saying we needed to repeat ourselves...unbelievable. If she had listened to us in the first place, instead of startign to yell after she interupted us, she would have heard us tell her EXACTLY what she needed to know for our transaction. It took me a while to get over that, for 1, we told her mulitple times by now that we wanted two, 10 E tickets to see EVERYTHING. and 2, this is her job: to work WITH TOURISTS. If anyone in this country has a responsibility to be calm and HELPFUL, it is the people who's JOB is it to work with them. I would give the citizens of Italy a right to be frusterated and upset with all these foreigners clogging up their streets, but not someone who is PAID to communicate and HELP tourists. So, that stared the day off, but it was ok after that.

As Katie mentioned, we did have a chance to have Pizza, in Pisa..;)

It was a beautiful day, and we climbed the tower to see the gorgeous Italian terrain. We will post pictures soon. I forgot my cd's to come to this internet cafe.

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