Wednesday, May 30, 2007

hello there! WE had a hard day yesterday, as Katie has already told you about. it was the first day i decided to wear my tennis shoes, the shoes i use for traveling and cold weather, because the only other pair of shoes i have are those Chacos- sandals. Within about 2 blocks of our hotel, I was pretty wet...katie managed to stay more dry than me..I do not know how. Within about 2 more blocks, my feet, socks, and shoes were completely soaked, and I was wet almost to my waist. I was wearing a pancho like katie, but I guess my pants just sucked up the water. I think there a some scientific law about that. Anyway, I walked around the castle in wet shoes which wasn't that bad. When we got to the bed and breakfast I changed and put my chacos on. It was still chilly, and got colder and colder througout the day. Later we went on a tour with Amercian Express to see Catacombs and 2 Basilicas. We were very disapointed in the tour, so we left the group on the last stop and hung out in Rome the rest of hte night. We were going to eat dinner and watch the sunset over Ancient Rome. Dinner was GREAT! It was the best spagetti and pizza we have had in Rome so far. (and the least expensive) We had dinner and then walked around the colleseum until the sun set. We found the right view for taking pictures at night, and waited..and waited...and waited. We saw people come and go and it started sprinkling a bit. Finally, another Amercican woman who was waiting on the lights sent her husband to ask someone if the lights were going to come on to light up the Roman Forum. We then found out that the lights were broken...BROKEN! In Rome, the lights to reveal ruins of 2000 years are broken, and no one has fixed them! There is something so wrong with this...we were quite upset, since it was cold out, and we waisted time we could have spent on the internet, or packing, or getting ready for our travel day today. To make things a little bit worse, when we got to our metro, to go back to the room to thaw out my toes...we found out the metro was closed! 10:15. This time we were not walking back. It took us a few minutes to figure out the bus system, since you use your metro passes on the bus too. Anyway, had to look at the map, and ask people to find out when to get off the bus, we guessed alright. We could have been closer, but we were fine. We RACED to the internet place to find out: it was closed. So we walked, slowly back to our room. My shoes were still wet.

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