Monday, May 28, 2007

Just call me Grace!

from the title, those who know me must know there is a good story coming up, read on!

to respond to my moms comment on my post about What Would Jesus Do: What Would Jesus Do is purely hypothetical..if Jesus WERE in Rome, He would wear Chacos. :)

I finally figured out what ROMANS DO!!!! They climb up and down stairs! yep...and its not fun. but, it keeps everyone in shape i guess.

I have been reading the book of Romans. I thought it would be a good thing to read, while in Rome. And, seeing as how the Romans were not exactly known for being Godly, and they climb stairs a lot, i have decided that i am going to give up trying to Do as the Romans Do. except, i wil lnot give up everything. i think i will keep having gilato.

WOW! There are a lot of people in Rome...i think most of them are tourists in the Vatican Museums. We saw so much artwork. We started with the Sistine Chapel. INCREDIBLE! It was even more amazing than all the pictures..of course, that is all you can see because we are not allowed to take pictures while we are in the chapel. do to ill planning and misdirection, Katie and I found ourselves in the crowd to go through the "Capella Sistina" twice. But hey, if that is the worst thing to happen to us while we are in Rome, we are fortunate! is not the worst thing to happen it us. (here comes the funny story) as we were exiting the Vatican Museam we had to walk down, "a magnifican ramp" which is really just a veiled staircase called a ramp to confuse and misguide starts as a ramp, but very soon after words turns in to wide, shallow staircase. I did not realise this soon enough because as i was walking down it, i was looking at some pictures on my camera (a picture i snuck while in the sistin chapel to be exact..shh!!) and OUCH! there it is! if there was no warning, i would have gotten upset yet again at the lack of signage in Rome (there are no signs), but seeing as how I walked AROUND two gates, both with signs saying "whach your step," I had no reason to be mad, just regain composure and continue down the winding staircase. I did not fall badly, only a twist of the ankle, thanks to my Chacos (mentioned in previous post).
Dont worry I did not fall badly. later in the day i was able to RUN back to an internate cafè where katie forgot our USB key. Here is another addition to our game, "i am sitting on stairs, and there is a girl in red and black running across the base of them, she looks familiar, as if she just walked the other way five minutes ago. Where are am?" The answer, The Spanish Steps!!!!!!!!

we ate at a really authentic place today for lunch. it was 2:30 and we were on our way to the train station to reserve our tickets for leaving rome on wednesday. we saw a place that had no english on the menu, so we went in. it was realy good. we had a fixed price meal, 5 euros for two small helpings of a main courses, and a side. i had a vegetarian stuffed eggplant, i think and chicken and rosemary potatoes. it was really good! the potatoes were a bit old...probably a couple hours sitting out. o well. the vegetarian thing was really good. i am just hopeing it was not wraped in chicken skin or something like that...katie had a meat and tomato sauce pasta, chicken and the same potatoes.

Well, I learned a new phrase, Bona Serra! (good evening)


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Gina Lamka said...

Would you still like to do what the romans do now that you know?