Sunday, May 27, 2007

From Rose

Well, i do not know if you realised i did not post last time katie did. i was wrestling with the computers here in italian...trying to figure out how to get my pictures on a cd and then onto the blogsite. i lost. i have not figured it out, and so i stuck katie on it. and it looks like she got it to work!

hey! i thought of a great game katie and i can play at the end of our trip..its called, where am i? this is how it works, i will describle a scene of what something we went through in a certain city, and katie will have to guess what city it is. example: go through the arch, right at the traffic light, and ask the guy in the little green box. (answer is rome of course, cause that is all that we have experienced so far) but we are going to have some pretty interesting experiences! today we saw a sign, with enforcement that said, "absolutely no speaking or sitting on the stairs." (in front of the Capitolini Building.) i am tired of hearing wistles...

I would venture to say that most of our walking today has been up or down steps....that is the kind of problem you run into when you build a city on 7 hills. this morning our steps consisted of what katie told you of, about 7 million curving winding steps up to the TOP of the st. peters cathedral. it was amazing...and it wasnàt realy that hard...but when we left there, we kept having to go up more..and more, and more steps! we were on our way to the capitolini museum and decided to take a certain way, to avoid stairs, and the dirt of the roman forrum, instead i think we ran into twice as many stairs becuase of the capitol building. it was not thrilling. our legs were begining to feel the effect of the 1600 stairs we climbed that morning at st. peter's.

we had gilato for the third time. last night i had kiwi, mango and mixed berry. it was amazing! today i had one called, creme cream and something else. it was good, but not as good as the kiwi i had last night! for any kids from Freed who might be reading this, it rocked my socks off. .

i think i am begining to feel at home in rome. i slept all night last night. katie and i were going to to email after our last thing today, but the computer that burns cds was in use. so we decided to come back later. when we arrived in our room, we just laid down for a short while...ok, that turned into a two hour nap! i guess we needed it...we felt really good when we finally woke up at 7:30. i tihnk we were still tired though, becuase everything was funny...thats when i thought of the "where am i?" game.

we are not very hungry tonight, so we are going to have some coffee and crepes..if we can find any. ciao!

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