Sunday, June 10, 2007

Our Day in Munich

We were sad to leave Salzburg yesterday. After we posted our pictures, we walked through Mirabell Gardens, which is where a lot of the scenes from the Sound of Music were filmed. Rose is going to post our two Do Re Mi poses. I´m sure you are all looking forward to those! We didn´t put on our curtain outfits, since it was a little warm, but you get the picture.

After the garden, we savored every last minute with ice cream. (I know you are all shocked to hear that). We walked into our favorite little ice cream shop and ordered more than our usual 3 scoops. I had a tiramasu creation, and rose had a kiwi concoction. Both were delicious...much more delicious than the haggen-doss we had today in Germany.

Then, we walked to a square where a guy we met the day before was selling his artwork. Rose bought a painting for her collection, and then we slowly made our way to the train station. The trip to Munich was uneventful. We found our hotel (we are getting pretty good at that), checked in, and went out to look for dinner.

Mmmmmmm...dinner in Germany. It was late, and we didn´t want to search for a restaurant, so we just asked the guy at the hotel reception where he recommended for a good German dinner. He sent us to a beirgarten for some traditional Bavarian food. We were starving! It is a good thing, because when we arrived and sat down, we soon figured out that they don´t have English menus. Not only that, but the menus that they had were in a Bavarian dialect, so I couldn´t even figure it out with my dictionary! We were confused. The waitress didn´t speak English, and was a tough German woman, so we were a little afraid. However, we were more hungry than intimidated. She said that they had beef, pork, chicken and noodles. Hmmmm. We figured out that there was a vegetarian dish, so Rose ordered that. She was afraid that if she ordered anything else she might end up with sausage. I, on the other hand, wanted sausage. So, I looked for something with "brat" and ordered that.

We were pleasantly surprised when our food arrived. Rose had a delicious dish which consisted of homemade noodles, wild mushrooms, and a pesto type sauce. It was awesome! I had two huge sausages, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, and freshly grated horseradish. Wow! I felt German. :) We both enjoyed our food immensely, but definitely feel heavier today.

This morning, we slept in until 8:00, had breakfast at the hotel, and then went out to explore Munich. I´ll take this moment to say we are a little tired of hotel-provided breakfasts. The standard breakfast here is bread with butter, jams, honey, etc. That´s all! WE finally had some yogurt this morning, which was very welcome. We have had so many carbs.

We were a little disappointed to find out that absolutely everything in Munich is closed on Sundays! I don´t even think we realized it was Sunday until we walked around and everything was closed. It was all right, though. There wasn´t much we were interested in seeing here, we just wanted to walk around the city for the day. It is a good thing, because that is what we did! We walked downtown, looked at one church, and then explored the parks and streets. There was some kind of soccer thing going on, so we watched that for a while. It was nice, we needed a good walk after last night´s dinner. We finished at about noon though, and wondered what to do for the rest of the day.

We decided to take a walk to the Olympic park, which is out of town, but within walking distance...or so we thought. We walked for two hours to get there! We finally found it, and searched for the memorial to the bombing victims. It was a little strange, because we asked a security guard, and he had no idea what we were talking about. He said "what memorial_" I said to the bombing victims, and he had no idea what bombing I was talking about or that there was a memorial. Oh well. We eventually found it. We then decided to take public transportation back into the city. We did stop for lunch on our way to the park, and it was delicious. Rose had a half of a roasted chicken and some vegetables. I had some grilled turkey, roasted potatoes, and a salad. It was another delicious meal. WE are now blogging and will then try to find dinner. Tomorrow we leave for four days in Switzerland! Our time in Germany was short, but we just wanted a little taste, so we got one (literally).

I think Rose is posting some more pictures. WE hope you enjoy!

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