Saturday, June 16, 2007

MUA A A A!!!!

I, and my infinate genius, have figured out how to make the keyboard AMERICAN STYLE!!!!!!! YES! so now, with a small amount of manipulation, which everyone seams to think i am good at, we can type freely for the first time since we left home! And, it will be easier for you to read our posts! I am just kidding about that genius business...

Today we went to the Chateu de Versailes (spelling) you know what i mean...its a huge palace! But actually, i was a bit disapointed in it. the palace we visited in Vienna was more impressive i think. that may be because it was cold and a bit rainy when we were walking through the gardens today. Correction, we were not walking through the gardens, we were walking around the gardens, because it was 6 or 7 extra Euro to go THROUGH the gardens, and they weren't that amazing. But, we had a good morning walk. It did not rain too hard, so that is good. I was a bit underdressed. the weather said it would be almost 70...i was freezing. Later on though, the sun came out and warmed us up a lot. But it keeps going back and forth between cold and warm, rainy and dry...i never thought i would hear myself say this, but i will be glad to get back to the stable weather of tennessee. (its all relative you know)

we had a great lunch though! on the way back to the city we stopped at a small cafe. i had a chicken and cheese crepe for lunch, and a chocolate crepe for desert. katie had a kind of pizza thing, on bread, was pretty good. she had a chocolate crepe too. she will be SO excited to find out i fixed the french keyboard! since there is only one computer here, she is up in the room, probably fallen asleep waiting on me to finish.

we had a pretty late night last night, i was posting blog and pictures and when i went up to the room, she was in bed! i think it was about 1am our time. i was going to let her do the blogging tonight, but i am having so much fun remembering how to type i just can't stop myself!

once back in paris we hit a department store, katie had some things she wanted to get from Paris, so i watched. Paris seams less expensive than Luzern, but since i am a poor jobless college student, everything is expensive to me. i have seen nothing "walmart" quality. everything here is name brand. crazy.

we learned that there are 8 Starbucks in Paris...we have not seen any yet. I think we should make it a conest, whoever spots the first one gets a free coffee! (the other of us pays for it) We are realy not that addicted to Starbucks, it is just something familiar to us. I do not even like hot coffee, except Starbucks Caramel MAchiatos are pretty good. KAtie has not had a single coffee she liked here in Europe. She has to water or milk it down a lot...and they come very small. so she is glad when we find a starbucks where she knows she can get the kind of coffee she likes. And there reallys is more insentive to get coffee when it is cold and rainy like it has been here.

i think i am rambling now, sorry. I will go up and tell katie the good news and see if she wants to blog.


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Bekah said...

HI Rose and Katie,

I am glad you like Paris. Right now the wheather in TN is too stable. It is hot and we have not had more the 3/4 of and inch of rain in the past month. At least, at our house we have not had more the 3/4 of and inch of rain in the past month. Almost all of our grass is brown and the well is getting sulfer. In the daytime the wheather is between 85 and 95 but at night it gets down to 70, which is nice.
Anyway, It will be good to have you back next week.