Thursday, June 14, 2007

Last day in Switzerland

Well, as you have read from Rose's post, we had a good time rafting yesterday. The train ride to Interlaken was great. We had a panoramic train (although we really couldn't tell the difference between that and the normal trains). The views were gorgeous! We travelled past about 5 different lakes, all surrounded by mountains. The mountain views were beautiful as well. There were countless waterfalls coming out of the rock and falling who knows how many feet down the sides of the mountains. I think these mountains would be very difficult to climb. There is so much rock. There is ice also. We could have gone on a trip to learn how to climb ice, but we passed on that. I really would have enjoyed canyoning, but it was really expensive.

Basically, all we can afford to do here is look. haha that is fun, though, since the scenery is breathtaking in every direction.

Speaking of expensive, I did a load of laundry here a couple days ago. You would never guess how much it cost...15 dollars! Granted, that included washing, drying, AND detergent, but still. And, the load was tiny. It would have been half a load in the US. When the lady said it was 15 dollars, I hesitated and took a deep breath. The deep breath confirmed that the laundry was necessary, so I went ahead with it. I am fully enjoying and appreciating my clean clothes today.

We have only eaten one real meal in Switzerland, and that was the fondue. We've been going to the grocery store and buying apples, oranges, pre-packaged sandwiches, etc. for lunch and dinner. We have peanut butter and crackers for breakfast. All along, we had been planning on eating a meal at McDonald's here, since we knew Switzerland was expensive. We thought it would be the appropriate time to get a cheap fast food dinner. We walked in a lunch, and guess what? Even Mcdonald's is ridiculous! Their chicken ceasar salad is about 8 dollars. Crazy. So, we went back to the grocery store and ate another apple. We can get those for about 50 cents. haha

Today we went for a walk along the shore of the lake. It was nice and relaxing. We sat and dangled our feet near the water for a while. Some ducks swam up, expecing us to give them some food. We didn't have any, and even if we did we wouldn't waste precious food on them, so they proceeded to eat our toes! Don't worry, they don't have teeth. :)

Tomorrow morning we are taking the train to our last city...Paris! We are looking forward to that. We are completely rested. Luzerne is a pretty, quiet town. (emphasis on the quiet). The night before last, we were in and in bed at 8:30! We didn't have anything to do, so we just talked about how there was nothing to do and went to sleep early. I'm sure we won't have that problem in Paris.

We are going to have six nights in Paris. One day will be spent going to Normandy, and one day will be spent in Versailles. The other days will be in Paris. We look forward to telling you all about that!

Have a great week,

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