Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Day After...

Well, White Water Rafting in the Swiss Alps was just as gorgeous as you would expect! It was so beautiful, though the water was not green. It was grey, that might have been because of the airbubbles flowing through it. Our Raft Guide, Johnny, said the water we were rafting in was 2 hours from glaciers..meaning, two hours before we got IN, it was flowing through the glaciers on top ofthe mountains...this means, the water was about 3 degrees Celcius...more math for you to do to figure out how cold that is in Fahrenhite (Katie told me how to spell if its wrong its her fault) ! It was cold! In about, 25 seconds after we got our raft in, and all 8 of us in the raft, we were heading down the river. Our guide told us what the mountains and rivers around us were called, and a few facts. It was fantastic. We had a couple times of relaxing durring "flat water." We were in a raft with a couple from New York, two school girlfriends from New York, and a couple girls from Mexico. Our guide was from New Zealand, as were most of the other guides and staff for the rafting company. It turns out thez are in Swizterland fro 6 months, then go to Australia and New Zealand for 6 months...working the summers. Our guide said he never sees winter. WHAT A GREAT JOB! If we had one more day of free travel on our Eurail pass, we would be back there today..mazbe canyoning (rafting without rafts basically. Thez take you through waterfalls and natural water slides, with knee and elbow pads, and helmets...) or maybe paragliding..) it all would be amazing. We should have gotten a hotel in Interlocken, which is where all the extreme sports are...instead of Luzern. Though, Luzern is beautiful and a cute little town, it the wildest thing you can do here is paddle boat...and that costs 15 Franks for 30 mins...O well. We are happy and enjoying the fresh air and lakes.
My back is a little sore from the paddling, a few times we tried to pass the other rafts..we got past all but one. Comeing from Last place, thats not too bad. (we had to bring up the rear in a few cases, incase anyone needed to be rescued in dangerous water)

TONY WALLEN! I keep forgetting to tell you, there is a word here that you need to know about. it is "Schmuck!" would you believe it is actually a word?!?!? it means, jewlery. yep, every time i see the word, i say it and think of how much fun you would have with this German language...we should have taken it in highschool together, it would have been hilarious! probably more fun than us talking in "amercian\mexican" accents...or, "Thats a watta wunch...not a watta wonch" (for all of you who are totally lost by this paragraph, it is just an inside "joke" between me and my brother...)

So, i here there are a lot of you raising money for us to blog while we are here in expensive land...aka: Switzerland. Keep it commin! We leave tomorrow though, so we will hopefullz find affordable internet in Paris...

Did you know Switzerland has three official languages?? French, German and Itallian...soooo confusing! I keep forgetting where i am...then i look at a price tag in a shop winow, and i remember.


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Tony Wallen said...

wow, the best word ever. I have decided to go to Switzerland. I dont think Rachel will mind coming too