Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Homestretch in Paris!

Wow! It feels good to be in our final hotel. I am going to be so happy to get home and not live out of a suitcase! I'm also getting kind of tired of the three pair of pants I have with me.

We took a train ride to Paris yesterday morning. It was all right, except the guy next to me had to assault the ears of everyone on the train with his Ipod. Seriously, he must be deaf. If he were listening to English music, I could have made out the words to every song. He was listening to some kind of dance remixes, and it was really annoying after about 3 hours.

We arrived in Paris, found our hotel, and checked in. We then left to explore! Rose decided she wanted to go to the Eiffel Tower first, so that is what we did. I swear, I think she is addicted to the Eiffel Tower. When we reached the metro stop, she practically ran up the stairs, frantically trying to find it. I don't think she even noticed the threatening thunder clouds looming above. Anyway, we quickly found the tower, and she started snapping away. She happily suggested that we walk towards it (away from shelter). Against my better judgement, I agreed, and we started walking through the park. After about two minutes, the sky fell. We sought the shelter of a big tree for a few minutes. After that ran out, we ran toward a covered merry-go-round. That kept us from getting more wet, but since we were already soaked, it wasn't that much help. Eventually, the sun came out. We were freezing. Rose, in all of her excitement to be in Paris, said "Now, the question is, do we go back to the hotel and change, or go to the arc de triumph?" I gave her a look, and she said, "ok, maybe that's not a question." I gave in, though, and we walked to the Arc D'Truimph, soaking wet and all. We were wearing jeans, which didn't help. Oh well. We were in Paris! There was no way I was going to get Roes back to the hotel.

So, we walked and walked to the Arc. I was wondering why we bought metro passes, since Rose kept walking past metro stops. Anyway, after a long while, we reached the Arc. Since we have museum/monument passes, we were able to climb to the top without paying. I was happy about that, until Rose figured out that we could have unlimited visits to all of the museums and monuments. We actually climbed the Arc D'Truimph TWICE in our first half-day in Paris. haha

We visited Versailles today, which was pretty fun. We did a lot of walking, which Rose already told you about. Now, she is waiting for me to finish blogging. I think she wants to go back to the Eiffel tower. It is raining though. I may just send her by herself. :)

Tomorrow we are going to do what I am most looking forward to in Paris. We are going to a Gregorian Chant Mass at Notre Dame! Yeah!

OH, Aunt Patty, if you are reading, we have been thinking of you! There is a restaurant by our metro stop called the Hippopotamus Restaurant. Every time we walk by, I can hear your voice in my head singing the Hippo song. I usually join in, much to Rose's dismay.

We are having a good time in Paris! More later...

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Bekah said...

Hi again,

The boys had a good time rafting. At least, that is what we think. They got wetter than you did. The raft got sucked in the water and everyone fell out at the worst part. The "Gorilla" part. They were sucked under the overturned raft for a couple minutes and could not get out. Micah said he was sucked in the water and for a couple minutes all he could think on doing was getting his head up to breath.
That is all they told us. Maybe in a couple hours they will have recovered enough to tell us how the entire rafting trip went.
David and I are going to the rodeo tonight. We have reserved seats right near the arena. Mom still does not want me to ride a bull.
Hope you stay dry.