Saturday, May 26, 2007

Wow, Katie Feels Really Young!!!

Yesterday, we emailed during Rome's lunch hour. We were in the midst of trying with much frustration to book some tours. It ended up working out, not the way we planned, but to our satisfaction. We wanted to book a tour of Nero's Golden Palace. I checked online while posting, and it is actually closed until 2008. oh well! That's just another excuse to come back again. The other tour we wanted was a subterranean tour of Rome. Romans were a little strange, back in the day. When they wanted to destroy a building, instead of tearing it down, they just burried it and started over. So there are layers and layers of old buildings underground. Some of the areas can be explored, but preferable in a tour. The phone number we had for the tour we wanted was not responding to calls, so we had to settle for a comprehensive catacomb tour, which we are hoping will include some other underground sites.

After all of that hassle, we started walking the streets of Rome trying to find various piazas and fountains. We got lost many times, and walked about 5 times the amount necessary, but it was worth it. We walked down streets lined with great shopping opportunities...I mean window shopping opportunities of course. We were so tired and it was sweltering hot. The best part of the afternoon was stopping for gelato. Mmmmmm. That was great and refreshing. Rose got mint and I got pistachio. I got a shell stuck in my tooth, but other than that, it was wonderful.

We saw Trevi Fountain, which is beautiful. We are going to try to see it again tonight in the dark, if we can stay out that late. we also saw Piaza Novona, and the Fountain there (which I forget). We stopped at the Pantheon, which was amazing. It is incredible how buildings so old can still be standing.

I hate to stop in the middle of a thought, but our time is running out and we are starving!!! Iàll continue later.


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Gina Lamka said...

I bet every thing is so beautiful over there, I wish I was there with you!