Saturday, May 26, 2007

Jesus Wore Chacos

All my life I have asked myself one question...this is where i look for the colon key...:"what would Jesus Do?" I have found the answer in Rome...well, not really. I found the answer in Nashville at a store called REI. Jesus, since He was in Rome some, would definatly have worn is a brand of shoe designed for poeple who will be traveling on rough terain..they are pretty cool. maybe we will post some pictures of the roads from rome...since they are the origional roads, we walked on th same streets ancient romans did! let me tell you it is difficult! you have to watch your step constantly! with any less of a sandle...we would have cut feet, stubbed toes, and twisted ankles withing 3 meters. i do not EXACTLY know how long three meters is...but they say meters over i decided to speak on their terms..ò<0 that was supposed to be a wink.

THE COLLESEUM IS AMAZING! it is so huge! and OLD! I took so many pictures..but i know they will not relate the majesty of such a detailed construction! did you know it was built in 8 years? the lower level, and top level were built in just three years after in a total of 11 years a magnificant structure which would be observed for over 22 centuries...and longer!

we also visited the Tremi a Caracalla, the Roman Forrum, and the Palestine Hill.

We have been eating fruit for lunch and will probably continue that. we had gelato last night..i think i may have already mentioned that...tonight we are going to a restarant called Rose Rosea. (smile) it should be fun..maybe we will post some pics next time. I think my time is up...Ciao! (this can mean anything from thank you to bye) a little Italian trivia for those of you tied down to careers and lives in the United States (home sweet home) and stuff! ;)

All this architecture is amazing Dad! Wish you could be here to see it!


Mom said...

Hey Rose, Just a footnote. Jesus was not in Rome. Maybe you are thinking of Paul. I am sure Paul wore Chacos!

Jim and Lauren said...

so glad you two are liking your Chacos!