Friday, May 25, 2007

this says it is posted by katie, but this one is from Rose...

Well, I have no idea what Katie has told you already, but i am going to tell you that european keyboards are mallnurished or something...some keys are smaller than what they should be. so it makes it difficult to hit them to get the correct punctuation. and i think i might blame any other errors in my email on that too.

I am so happy to be at a computer. i am typing. so i am able to see english! well, i am trying to type in english. by the time we are in paris, a MONTH from now..i will be ready to hear people speak engish! we spent about 20 mins with a lady on the first floor of our bed and breakfast to find out one simple phrase, go to 7th floor. i would have used quotation marks, but i cant find them on this keyboard. i am sure katie has had better luck.i think i have given up using contractions. because i can not find the apostrophe. rome is hot. we are not wearing jeans again. there are people here from every other place in the world. i told katie i was going to do as the romans do, since i am in rome...but most of the people i see are tourists, who also do not speak enlish i might add, so i have not quite figured out what romans do yet...except speak italian, and i can not do that.

the buildings in rome are beautiful. i have not noticed a modern looking skyscraper yet. most of the buildings i see seem to be hundreds of years old. Rome is much like Paris, and in some parts a lot like mexico. In fact, katie and i have spoken some spanish, since it is similar to italian. and a few times are start remembering french words, because i forget i am in rome, not paris. well, i guess that is all for now.

wait, i just have to tell you katie and i have walked so much today, and not slept at all. i know that is a given...but if you just try imagine two american girls with no sleep, no italian, wonder around europe with insufficient might get a kick out of it. we do! oh, and chivalry is dead. Signing off for now, this may become addicting, because it is such a comfort zone to i dont know, we may post every day...ciao



Mom said...

Hey Rose, Thanks for writing and do not worry about the spelling and punctuation. You can correct it later!! Can't wait for pictures, but get some sleep first. Love, Mom
P.S. Maybee I"ll messs Up mi spelin & puctuation soa u won:t fele to bad# Then again, maybe not!!

nancy said...

Hey Rose and Katie, hope you got some sleep. You will love the street cafes. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. Can't wait for some photos. God bless. We love you. nancy

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie and Rose
We are heading for Alma today to see Christian.
90% chance of rain????
How about you guys?
Did you catch up on your sleep?
are you having a hard time finding an internet station?
Only 28days left for me to worry


Gina Lamka said...

Hey Katie and Rose,
Best of luck on doing what the Romans do! Make sure you don't strain your self by not getting enough sleep. Have fun.