Monday, June 18, 2007

sorry we did not get a chance to post today. we are just too busy and tomorrow we have an early morning. we are doing a D-day tour in Normandy, our train leaves at 7, so we are getting up at five thirty. we will post pictures tomorrow if we can.

today we went to the Louvre, and then the the Palace of Invalides...which is an army museum, and a WWI and WWII museum, and the tomb of Nepolian. Then we went to the E. Tower and went to the top. it was very crouded .the time i went up before it was a kinda rainy day, so there were hardly any people was a beautiful day, so it was packed. i am not sure which is better, having the tour to yourself on a less than perfect day, or enjoying it with a hundred other people. i think the less the perfect day is better...but we still enjoyed it. the whole process, bottom to top to bottom took about 2 hours. we were SO ready for dinner after knee, and our feet and backs were killing us. we found a place to eat and sat down!

katie ordered a hamburger, which came with a fried egg on top, instead of a bun. i had chicken and fries. the fries were hot and the slices of chicken were cold...but it was all good.

we are calling it a day, finally, and starting tomorrow nice and early. hopefully i will have time, and the internet will be free, to post pictures.

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