Wednesday, June 20, 2007


We had a great tour of the D-Day beaches, as Rose told you. It was a very moving day. It really is incredible to see such beauty and know what horrors happened there. We visited Omaha beach, were almost 4000 soldiers diedin 1944. It is incredible. We also visited Gold beach, and saw the remains of the artificial ports that the allied forces brought to provide supplies to the Armies for the invasion of Normandy.

We learned so much about various details of the day. We had an incredible tour guide, as Rose mentioned. His grandfather was a French soldier, who participated in the invasion of France from the south. It was a very sobering experience to visit the American Cemetary overlooking Omaha beach. The memrial is very well done, and commands a great amount of respect for those who died freeing France and protecting the rest of the World.

I hope Rose can post some pictures. If not, we will try to later. Today is our last day in Europe, so we are anxious to hit the streets for a few last experiences!


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